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Stacked Books
Stacked Books

Green Mountain Library Consortium 

GMLC enables us to expand our collection - at no cost to patrons. Ready to explore thousands of book/audiobook titles? Let's get started.


Contact Us

The first step is to contact the Island Pond Public Library and tell us you would like to sign up for the Green Mountain Library Consortium. Why? Because we need to add you to the GMLC database so you can get signed up and start borrowing! Call, email, send us a message on Facebook, or, best of all, stop in.

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After you have contacted us and we get you set up in the GMLC system, go to and click "Sign In"in the top right corner.


 On the Sign In page, select Island Pond Public Library as your library from the dropdown list. 

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Enter your card number. This is: 2584600000_ _ _ _ - followed by your Island Pond Public Library card number. In our example, Mr. Xample's IP Library number is X2. So his GMLC card number is 2584600000X002. If you have a 2 digit number (e.g. X12), use one zero between the letter and the number. If you have a three digit number (X123), do not use any zeroes between the letter and the number.

Next, enter your PIN. This is your last name in ALL CAPS.


You're in! Browse away. You can search for specific books, by title, etc., as well as explore by subject and format (i.e. ebooks and audiobooks). Take some time to look around!

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When you find a book you want to read/listen to - and it is available - click "BORROW."  If there is a wait list, click "PLACE A HOLD." When it becomes available, you will be notified.

Be sure to check out GMLC's FAQs as well:


Download the free Libby app. You can read on your web browser, but Libby allows you to read on your phone, e-reader, tablet, and other mobile-enabled devices. You can browse, borrow, manage your loans, send your books to your Kindle/free Kindle app right from Libby. 

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Need More Assistance?

That's what we're here for. Don't hesitate to contact us - or, better yet, stop in - if you have any questions.

Stacked Books

Books are a uniquely portable magic. ― Stephen King

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